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jehane boden spiers jehane boden spiers
textiles / mixed media
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The design of this web site and all associated software developed by is protected by copyright and is the copyright of - all rights are reserved. The individual artwork and other designs contained within the site is all copyright of the individual artists and no copying or reproduction of any of these works is permitted in any way whatsoever.

The cart system and ordering
The pieces of work presented for sale on are presented on behalf of the individual artists who own the copyright. acts solely as an agent for these artists.

No contract will subsist between and you, the buyer, for the sale by to the buyer of any of the items listed in your order until either (1) accepts your order by email confirming that it has dispatched the items in your order.(2) accepts your order expressly in writing informing you that the individual artists will be dispatching the order to you. That acceptance will be deemed complete and will be deemed to have been effectively communicated when sends the email to you (whether or not you receive that e-mail).

Please note that our confirmation email which is sent on receipt of your order is not acceptance of the order but simply a summary of the order for your records.

Partial acceptance of orders
Whenever is unable to fulfill for whatever reason the entire order has the right to accept any partial combination of your order.

Payment must receive payment in full before it is able to accept any offer by you and hence enter into any contract with you. Where has partially accepted your order but is in receipt of a cheque for an amount higher than the contract value you do hereby agree that it may present the cheque for payment and send you a cheque being a refund for the difference between the contract value and the cheque. Cashing of the cheque in full is not deemed to be acceptance by of your order.

Insurance and Liability
The safe delivery of your order is the responsibility of the individual artist of each piece. Risk passes to you only on acceptance by you of the delivery. In the event that the goods arrived damage you must inform or the individual artist within 2 days of receipt.
 from the collection
michael bishop: amity
sean sims: bird house
bird house


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